Reviews & Feedback

100% Amazing Work - Far exceeded my expectations. Sheridan is exceptionally skilled in what she does - Meera, 26 Sep 15
100% Very pleased - I'm very happy and highly recommend Sheridan France - Paola, 22 May 15
100% Pleased with the end result - I only use Sheridan to carry out any treatments as I trust her completely - Tanya, 07 Apr 15

Lip Fillers

Creating fuller lips and accentuating the smile to give a natural look.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are an effective smoothing treatment.

Cheek Enhancement

Natural cheek enhancement in London with cheek fillers, creating volume.

Skin Peels For Pigmentation

As well as a number of advanced products to promote younger, smooth skin.

Anti-Ageing Treatments

Achieve a more youthful appearance to your hands, neck and chest.

Skin Peels

A skin peel will dramatically transform problem skin conditions.

Excessive Sweating

Sheridan France offers effective treatment of hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating.

Platelet Rich Plasma

PRP treatment is one of the world's most advanced anti-aging techniques.


Sheridan France – Non Surgical Rejuvenation Treatments

Our well-established Harley Street London and Belsize Park Clinics offer leading anti-ageing, facial rejuvenation and wrinkle treatments for both women and men. All non surgical facelift treatments are carried out using the most advanced, safe products available, providing you with a comfortable and practically pain-free experience.

These procedures are carried out by Sheridan France, who has over 12 years’ experience in facial aesthetics, having worked and trained with top specialists in America and the UK. Volume and contours can be achieved with the use of dermal fillers, enhancing facial areas that represent youth and health.

Equally, wrinkles and lines in the upper face can be treated very effectively, reducing lines that indicate negative emotion whilst still retaining some natural movement. Lips can achieve natural fullness through lip enhancement, which balances facial features and often takes years off the face.

We are continually updating and upgrading the latest aesthetics techniques and products, having seen and introduced many anti-ageing innovations over the past few years in our cosmetic skin clinic treatments.

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