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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re looking for a beautiful, natural enhancement Sheridan France is the right choice for you. As a leading specialist practitioner providing a large range of cosmetic enhancements, Sheridan has forever favoured subtle yet highly effective results.

With over 20 years of experience and thousands of returning patients, Sheridan prides herself on providing safe, friendly and affordable cosmetic care. Check our her patient reviews to put your mind at ease!

Appointments can be made by phoning us on 0203 648 9699 for our Belsize Park Clinic and 0207 299 0396 for our Harley Street Clinic. Alternatively, you can contact us by email if you prefer by clicking here.

We always endeavour to make sure that our procedures as comfortable as possible. Our practitioners use a combination of the latest anaesthetics and techniques to numb and ease as much pain and discomfort as we can. However, every individual will have a different pain threshold and therefore the answer is subjective to each patient.

Your safety should always come first.

As a result, Sheridan France and all of her associated practitioners are medically trained in aesthetic and cosmetic enhancements in line with U.K. regulations.

For Sheridan France, holding a medical background alongside aesthetic licensing of the utmost importance. As such her qualifications include; MSc (Master of Science), BA, INP (International Nursing) & RN (Registered Nurse). She is also a member of the following professional bodies; NMC, BACN.

Always request further information on your practitioners’ qualifications and their memberships to any professional organisations before proceeding with any treatment. You can also request further information on the products suggested for use in your treatment, this will help you to do your own research prior to making a decision on a procedure.

Sheridan France offers an extensive follow up programme at no extra cost to the patient. We always recommend that an appointment is made for 2 weeks post procedure.

All patients provide a detailed medical history for presentation to the practitioner.
All of Sheridan France’s patients are provided with a full aftercare guide in order to ensure that they maintain safe healing between treatment date and their follow up appointment.

Bruising can occur for a variety of reasons, including alcohol consumption and hormone levels (to name just a few.) Some patients may not bruise at all, and others may find that they bruise on one occasion but not on another.

Typically bruising should not be of concern and can typically be hidden with make-up from one day post treatment.

It is extremely rare that a patient would be unhappy with their results. With a huge emphasis on natural and subtle enhancement, Sheridan France will always advise her patients to begin treatment conservatively. It is always easier to build something up over time than to have to reduce it.

Do note that if you are unsure about any procedure it is best to take the time to think about it why you really want it, and whether it will be truly be beneficial to you.

Come in for a free consultation to discuss your concerns! Sheridan will be able to examine and guide you on the best treatments to benefit your skin.

In the wrong hands, cosmetic enhancements can certainly be dangerous. This is why it’s so important to ensure you visit a fully qualified and licensed medical practitioner. All licensed and trained practitioners should be highly skilled in identifying and treating any complications that may arise from a procedure. Swiftly dealing with any complication highly reduces the chances of any long term issues.

Always check that your practitioner uses licensed products from a reputable pharmaceutical company. Do not be afraid to ask what their procedure would be in an emergency.


Sheridan is trained to identify and respond to any potential complications resulting from your procedure. In certain areas of the face, complications should be evident immediately and will be treated then and there.

Any areas of concern post procedure will be promptly addressed and monitored by both Sheridan and her team of medical professionals to ensure that any underlying complication can be treated.

Please do remember that Sheridan only provides and advises the use of temporary products to her patients, which enables the reversal of any procedures should this be required in the event of complication.