Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose Us for a Cosmetic Treatment?
Sheridan France has leading specialist practitioners performing a large range of beauty treatments, and over 12 years of experience and patient satisfaction. We pride ourselves on our friendly and affordable cosmetic care. We use the latest techniques and treatments and you’ll be able to find a convenient appointment time to suit your lifestyle.
How And Where Can I Get An Appointment?
Appointments can be made by phoning us on 0203 648 9699 for our Belsize Park Clinic and 0207 299 0396 for our Harley Street Clinic. Alternatively, you can contact us by email if you prefer by clicking here.
Are The Treatments Painful?
No, our practitioners use the latest anaesthetics to make procedures as comfortable as possible.
How Do I Know The Practitioner Is Properly Qualified?
All Sheridan France practitioners have been trained in the UK and been qualified practitioners for over 10 years. They have extensive experience in both surgical and non-surgical treatments. All have attended specialist training for the treatments that we offer.
Do I Come Back For A Follow Up?
Sheridan France offers an extensive follow up programme at no extra cost to the patient. We always recommend that an appointment is made for 2 weeks post procedure.
Will I Need To Have A Medical?
All patients provide a detailed medical history for presentation to the practitioner.
Can Treatments Be Done At The Same Time As Consultation?
Yes, this is very common. However, there is no obligation to have the treatment and we would prefer you to go away and think about it if you are unsure.
What Payments Do You Take?
We accept the following payment methods: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro and other major debit cards.
Do You Ever Turn People Away?
There are several reasons that a practitioner may consider that a treatment is not a suitable option for an individual and Sheridan France has a strict patient selection criteria to ensure patients are suitable to undergo a particular treatment. It is therefore possible that we advise, in your best medical interests, that treatment is not appropriate. We will also not proceed with a procedure if we feel that your expectations exceed the results achievable from such treatment. Please note we do not provide treatments for anyone under the age of 18 years.

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