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Non Surgical Cosmetic Treatments by Sheridan – Testimonials


Treated with Dermal Filler & Skin Peels

Maria visited the clinic concerned with general signs of ageing being nose and mouth creases, loss of skin laxity, frown and forehead lines, skin pigmentation and overall sallowness in the skin. We were keen to freshen the face giving her a more youthful but natural appearance.

“This was a great booster for my skin. The sun marks were notably faded and my skin looked radiant and fresh from the first treatment. I was able to go out the same evening I had the skin peel. After the fillers I immediately saw the difference and was thrilled with the result. The whole procedure took years off me and it was wonderful that I could carry on with my day-to-day life!”.


Treated with Advanced Skin Care

After a full skin consultation Julia was prescribed advanced skin care to address her specific skin problem.

“Prior to visiting Sheridan France I had tried lots of over the counter products but nothing had really been effective. Within days of starting the products my acne had visably improved and the pigmentation caused by the acne is now beginning to fade. After years of struggling with this skin problem I am overjoyed as I have found something that really works”.

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