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By creating beautiful fuller and yet natural looking lips can accentuate the smile and achieve a more beautiful symmetry to the face.

As thinning lips become a common reality as we get older, the safe and effective anti ageing treatment of lip enhancement has become increasingly popular. The best way to give lips a fuller, plumper appearance – and hence a more attractive, youthful appearance – is to restore lost volume and moisture with lip fillers that contain the body’s own natural material, hyaluronic acid. Lip fillers are the most common form of treatment to subtly smooth fine lines around the mouth.

Sheridan France offers a choice of several different lip fillers in her London clinics, all from the leading top quality brands Restylane Emervale and Juvederm. As each product creates a slightly different results our experienced practitioner is skilled in knowing not only which of these lip fillers to choose for each individual but also which product will achieve the most natural beautiful looking lips. Your treatment will therefore be designed specifically to meet your lip augmentation needs.

After a full consultation in our Harley Street or Belsize Park clinic, topical anaesthetic is generally applied to the lip to numb the area. Once the area is numb, several small injections of lip filler are administered using a very fine needle. Most of the products we use tend contain the local anaesthetic lidocaine to numb the lips, so the treatment is virtually pain free and only takes 20-40 minutes.

It is normal to experience some mild swelling, and on rare occasions some soreness or mild bruising, following the treatment, but this usually resolves itself after a day or two. Swelling can sometimes be reduced by applying a cold compress on the lips for ten minutes immediately after the treatment.

Over time the product will gradually dissolve away naturally, leaving your lips the same as before the treatment. Results will last increasingly longer the more treatments that you have.

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