Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment

I am excited to announce the introduction of the fabulous platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment, also known as the ‘Vampire facelift’, into my practice from December 4th, 2016.

Being one of the world's leading anti-ageing treatments, this fantastic skin rejuvenating treatment works by using your own concentrated blood platelets to rejuvenate your skin. Being high in natural growth factors the treatment works by speeding up the repair of the skin’s tissue as well as stimulating the fibroblast cells, essential for a youthful and radiant skin condition and tone.

Being one of the top treatments amongst celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Kylie Minogue, Trinny and many Hollywood stars, PRP is seen as largely responsible for giving them the much sort after perfect complexion.

Who will be carrying out the treatment?

Dr Anastasios Tsekouras, MD, Aesthetic, Plastic, Reconstructive & Laser Surgeon
Dr Tsekouras specializes in both, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery including face and body rejuvenation. He is an expert in the treatment of plasma rich platelet and sees this as an essential part of any clinic, working well alongside injectables and ultrasound treatments in the anti ageing of the skin. He has been working with and seen the beneficial qualities of platelet rich plasma for over 6 years.

What is the price of the treatment?

We offer three different treatment types of platelet rich plasma treatments: The Standard, The Gold and The Platinum and these are offered as single or packages of 3 treatments. We use only top quality Regen Plasma Rich Platelet packages.
The Standard             Introductory offer price each £300 (usual price £400)
                                    Course of 3 treatments £850 (usual price £1,050)
The Gold                    Introductory offer price each £400 (usual price £500)
                                    Course of 3 treatments £999 (usual price £1,250)
The Platinum             Introductory offer price each £550 (usual price £650)
                                    Course of 3 treatments £1,250 (usual price £1,500)

Celebrity Opinions

Trinny Woodall

Describing the benefits of the treatment recently in the Daily Mail, Trinny said:

"This is probably the best way to get anything to make your face look younger, better, healthier, less lines, fuller, all those things.

And it’s your own plasma."

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