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Mesotherapy & Profhilo

Rejuvenate & Tighten the Skin

This treatment involves the use of micro injections of vitamins, enzymes, plant extracts and hyaluronic acid to rejuvenate & tighten the skin. This is recommened to improve blood circulation and can help to revive dull lifeless skin.

Whilst anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers can make a real difference, they work and look best with optimum quality skin. Top quality skin can be achieved through Mesotherapy.

The benefits of optimising skin health include;

  • Prevention – minimise the risk of of lines, wrinkles and pigmentation occurring in the future, as well as more serious problems such as skin cancer.
  • Improvement – skin is smoother, plumper, more elastic with even tone.
  • Synergy – the results of other treatments, such as botox and fillers are optimised.
  • Cost saving – judicious investment in your skin now can save money later

Stimulating beautiful skin requires a two-pronged approach. We need to use ingredients which are proven to stimulate collagen formation in the deeper layers of skin, whilst at the same time using others that limit collagen destruction.

The upper layers of skin also need to be addressed – the epidermis. Not only does this makes the skin feel smoother and look fresher, it optimises its most basic property – the barrier function. With this achieved, you will are able to lock in moisture whilst preventing access to irritants.

Injectable mesotherapy really does make a difference, not only under the microscope but also in the mirror. With over 60 different ingredients, including vitamins and minerals, proteins and hyaluronic acid, amongst much else, mesotherapy is second to none in promoting skin health.