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What to Expect. The Consultation Process

What happens at a consultation? Am I a suitable candidate? Do I have to take a treatment?


You will first be asked for your medical history in order to ensure there are no contraindications regarding your requested treatment. You will also be required to disclose any previous aesthetic treatments and when you have had them. 

One of the most important aspects of your consultation will involve discussing in detail the psychological and physical benefits of having treatment. 

As a medical procedure, it is imperative that you understand the risks and also the reality of what treatments can and cannot do for you. 

We always recommend our patients take the time to consider their evaluation and do not feel obligated to proceed with any treatment.


Non-surgical cosmetic treatments are still medical procedures. This means that they are carried out in a clean and clinical environment where your safety comes first.

Every patients will be provided with information surrounding; the potential risks of treatment and aftercare requirements.

Sheridan is trained to respond immediately in the event of any emergency; including but not limited to vascular occlusions, allergies or reactions to products and procedures.


Some patients will arrive knowing exactly what treatments they have in mind. Others may want advice on treating specific areas of concern but are unsure what treatments will provide the best results. 

Your physical assessment combines Sheridan’s highly trained eye (evaluating the best treatments to address your concerns) alongside the traditional method of ‘the Golden Ratio’ measurement of facial features. This ensures balance, harmony and the chance to improve on the natural asymmetries of the face.


Just like visiting your GP or doctor, all of the medical information you provide and the details of your procedures are confidential and subject to strict regulatory codes of practice.

Counting thousands of returning patients including many high profile individuals to her clinic, Sheridan is well versed in the art of subtlety and ensuring your privacy. 

Rules surrounding GDPR ensure you will not be exposed to any unsolicited marketing or contact regarding aesthetic treatments. Rest assured there will be no surprise pop-ups in your mailbox, or through your front door. 


Your comfort is of the utmost importance. Prior to any procedure, lidocaine ( a medical grade anaesthetic numbing agent) will be applied to treatment areas. This is highly effective in temporarily reducing sensation to selected areas of the face. 

Please note that lidocaine can only be provided on the provision that the patient has no known allergy to the product and its ingredients.